Why Buying Instagram Video Views Boosts Your Brand

Instagram videos are the new photos. On average, they get more interaction and the best conditions for marketing purposes. Since the number of views is publicly visible, there is also a certain pressure to succeed. With little effort, you can easily help.

Will your Instagram video be seen? Or overlooked? Since the number of Instagram video views is publicly available, influencers are under some pressure. In addition to the number of Instagram followers, video views are increasingly becoming the benchmark of success – or failure. We’ll give you tips on how to reach a larger audience with your Instagram video, and why you should buy Video Views for that as well.

It’s not easy to get more Instagram views. The prerequisite for successful video marketing is obvious: really good content! This is not necessarily about high quality – Instagram videos should above all be authentic. High gloss videos, for example, image movies, belong on your website or the YouTube channel.

Much more important than the pure form is the content itself. Does your Instagram video add value? Do you reveal something about yourself or your company that can not be found anywhere else? If you know how to catch the attention of your Instagram followers, you’ve already paid half the rent. In addition, you should:

1. Use trendy hashtags
Although Twitter has invented the hashtags. But on Instagram, they have become a hype. Some people overdo it. 30 hashtags per picture or video are really not necessary. #picoftheday, for example, helps you a little, as almost every Instagrammer uses the same hashtag. In the search you do not stand out with it.

Five hashtags are enough. They should a) really fit the content and b) be trendy, of course. You can search for trending topics using the search box and use appropriate hashtags for your Instagram video. Or you can set a main hashtag that you use again and again. This increases the recognition value.

2. Mention influencers
If you say Instagram, you probably also drop influencers in the same sentence. They are also available on YouTube. But on Instagram, they are virtually part of the inventory. You can capitalize on influencers by tagging them in your Instagram video. If an influencer is convinced, there will soon be thousands more users.

Again, the content must fit. If you make drills and tag an influencer for cosmetics just because he or she is famous, that will not do you much good.

3. Optimize the description
With all the effort you put into your Instagram video, you should not forget one thing: the image description! Photos are usually self-explanatory. But for videos the description should not be missing. We need a reason to click Play. Important is: Do not anticipate the punch line. Why watch the video if the outcome is already clear?

The picture description should make you curious. The most important info must follow before the “Show More …” button. Your Instagram followers do not always feel like having time to read through everything. Keyword raffle. The most important? The main prize and entry deadline. How to win, then reveal in the video.

4. Post at the right time
A much discussed topic. The more you search on Google for the right time for your Instagram posts, the more answers you’ll find. The problem? The group studied is always a different one. Target group is not the same target group.

Most people tend to be online in the afternoons and evenings. But you can not get around a precise analysis of your target group. For example, if you sew baby clothes, you should adapt your postings to the daily routine of young mothers.

5. Use other platforms
A network seldom comes alone. For successful social media marketing, you need to be present and active on the popular platforms. You can share your Instagram video with your Twitter followers by linking both apps. What you post on Instagram then automatically ends up on Twitter. And is spread with Twitter retweets there.

Of course, this also works on Facebook and Co. It is important that you choose a different approach on each platform. Facebook users tend to be older, look forward to detailed information and are happy to gesiezt. Instagram is younger, more visual and more like “you”.

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