3 Expert Tips To Increase Your Instagram Story Views

Three expert hacks to instantly increase your Instagram story views. We’re back with another Instagram Growth hacking article. And like I said today we have a really killer article because we’re bringing you the latest and newest strategies that keep up to date with Instagram. Algorithm and help you get more Instagram story views on your stories.

So by adding hashtags and by adding location you’re going to expand your chance of your Instagram story being seen on the Explorer page. This is going to instantly increase your Instagram story of use, help you get more exposure and even help you get more followers and engagement on all your posts. Super simple strategy. Try it out. All right.

Our second growth hack for increasing your Instagram story views is simple. But believe me it works. It’s posting multiple times during the day and by multiple times during the day. I don’t mean posting three times at twelve o’clock. I mean posting at seven posting it too and posting at 8:00 p.m.. Here’s how Instagram Stories and Instagram’s algorithm work. They work on two factors. One the time that they were posted and to how often somebody clicks on. So every single time somebody clicks on your Instagram story it’s more likely that it will be shown to them at a different time of the day. So the more you click on someone’s instagram story the more often you’re showing that person’s Instagram story. Now the other one is time of the day. Now remember it, everybody is on Instagram at the same time especially if you have a large follower base. You have people on at 7:00 at 8:00 at all different time zones in the world. So by posting all throughout the day you’re going to do two things. One you’re getting increased the amount of people that are going to be visible to your story views because if you’re posting it at 7:00 you’re also reaching somebody at a different time zone and somebody that goes on a different time of the days.

And then if you’ve posted 12 and then post to 8:00 it’s like you’re throwing out webs and nets and catching people at different times of the day. Now by posting more often every time something clicks on your Instagram story you’re increasing the chances that they see it again. So for example if you post most your stories at 7:00 in the morning you may be missing the people to get off work early at 4:00 or 5:00 or if you posted four or five. You may be missing the crowd. That only goes on Instagram Stories in the morning. So you want to throw out as big of net as possible so we’re catching people at 7:00 afternoon and late at night. Remember not only that but now we’re attributing to people in the story zones and we’re getting as many people as possible because every time somebody clicks on your Instagram story they’re going to be shown it over and over again. And believe or not they’ll actually see your Instagram posts more if you click on someone’s instagram story enough times you’ll start to see your posts. We’ll start to be shown to them more and more frequently. So not only will you be increasing your Instagram story views with this hack but you’ll be increasing your Instagram post views as well. That’s it super simple post multiple times during the day.

So more people in different time zones and people that have different schedules can see your content and to see you can boost it in Instagram’s algorithm and start getting your stories shown to more and more people. All right. Now my third tip for increasing your Instagram story use is this create context. Now a lot of entrepreneurs a lot of musicians anybody who uses Instagram I see them get Instagram Stories wrong in this way, they just pull up the phone and they start talking without any context. Now if you’ve ever seen any SNL skit or key and peele or any sort of skit what happens before the skit starts. If somebody is in a bar speaking they’ll pan out to a picture of the bar so that when they’re speaking in the bar you know hey these people are in a bar or. Before a hospital scene they’ll pan out to a picture of a hospital. So when they get inside this hospital you know this is a hospital. It’s called context and it sets the scene for what you’re going to do next. So for example if you are a musician and you go shopping. you’re just a person going shopping. But if the story before YOU’RE GOING SHOPPING IS YOUR NEW HIT SINGLE you in the record studio you producing a hit and then the video after that as you shopping.

That’s a successful music artist living a rapper lifestyle and going shopping and spending their hard earned cash. So here’s what you need to do in your Instagram stories. If all you’re doing is speaking to your camera you need to start creating context. So I’m gonna show you an example of something that I started doing every single morning to increase my story. So every morning I used to wake up and I used to say how I was feeling I call it Bobby’s morning wisdom or whatever. And the point was I would just wake up at 5:00 a.m. and I would just start speaking about how I’m feeling positive thoughts positive affirmations and just talk and my story views were OK but here’s what I did to increase my story views I put a little graphic up a little video a little funny video that goes by this morning wisdom and what happened was is my story use increased because I set context all of a sudden it wasn’t me speaking to my camera it was me creating context. So guys here’s what you need to take from this create context throughout your life. If you’re speaking and giving wisdom have the video before set the scene.

So say you are giving the motivational speech. Set the scene before with a picture or a graphic. It could be a picture of something motivational a motivational graphic something that says let’s get this bread something that says I hustle and then the next video gives context and says you know what. Here’s why I think it’s important to Hustle all you have in this life is your stuff. Create the context. Follow it up with passion and stop having your Instagram Stories be you just talking to yourself. Be confident be passionate and set the scene because remember if you’re using Instagram right you’re using Instagram as a brand. as a personality. If you’re a musician. you’re the fucking best musician in the world right. If you’re an A.T.M. artist you should set the scene that you’re the best fuckin medium arts in the world. So when you get up there and you get on stories set the context I’m the best. This is the world. This is what I do. Take your balls out put them on the table. Show some passion and you’re going to see your Instagram story views increased exponentially. So that’s my third tip for you. Set the scene create context for whatever you do. If you’re an entrepreneur set the scene that you’re a drop shipper.

So every time you show your profits you’re setting the scene that you made these profits from dropship. If you’re a musician. let people know about your hit singles. So when you go shopping when you’re speaking we’ve been fortunate when you smoke and they know that you’re a musician doing all of these things. Set the context. And don’t just speak to the phone like it’s person to person. Now I’m not even going to transition to my last one because I’m in a good flow right now. So the last thing that you need to do to increase your Instagram story views is switch it up. You need to have posts. You need to have pictures. You need to have lives. So believe it or not Instagram actually ranks. all of these features. So Instagram has tons of features like live posts, boomerangs and it falls in this order. Instagram’s will always be shown at the top stories normal stories will be shown second and then boomerangs will be shown last. So if you have an important announcement you want to increase your Instagram story views, do a live video and then do a normal post.

So say you’re announcing your new book. Get on Instagram go live and say “guys I have a huge announcement coming up in the next 30 minutes” and then fill the time with something interesting that relates to your audience. And then the next one after haven’t been a normal “Guess what guys is here. My new book is released, my new course is released” and that will greatly increase our instrumental stories.

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