Delete Instagram Account Permanently (2020 Update)

Delete Instagram Account

Nowadays social media (Instagram) has become a huge part of all of our lives, even though there are times that we don’t want to admit it. What is the first thing we do in the morning? Well, we wake up and the first thing we do is take a look at our phones just to see if we missed something on Instagram. However, if you’re tired of using social media more precisely Instagram and don’t want to use this app any longer. Then there are ways to do so, depending on your preference you can either deactivate it or permanently delete your Instagram account.

If you prefer to avoid using Instagram for a while, you can temporarily close your account. Also be aware that this method is different from the one we will elaborate here.

If you might be considering permanently deleting your Instagram account, then this article will thoroughly explain how to do it. Follow these below simple steps.

Things you should know about deleting your account

There are different methods to delete your Instagram account. It all depends on how and from which device you will delete your Instagram account.

  • It’s important to know that you cannot delete your Instagram through mobile devices such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone or tablets that use similar operating systems.
  • You can delete your Instagram account only from a web browser on the Instagram website.

You should know that when you delete your Instagram account, all of your data, including your Instagram photos, Instagram followers, Instagram likes will be lost, and you can never retrieve them again.

How to delete an Instagram account on PC?

You can delete your Instagram account permanently only on the web browser based on the platform’s restrictions.

This feature is not expected to be brought for mobile devices any time soon.

Follow these easy steps to delete your account on the web:

  1. Login to your account on the Instagram website
  2. Go to the “Delete My Account” page by clicking on the account deletion link
  3. You will be asked “ Why do you want to delete your account?”. You can quickly make something up, if you don’t want to be dealt with this.
  4. Click the “Permanently delete my account” button in order to delete your Instagram account.
  5. Finally you successfully deleted your account

When your Instagram account is deleted, all of your information and content you have uploaded will be permanently deleted and there is no chance to get them back.

After sometime, someone else will be able to get the same Instagram username you had, however your old Instagram data will no longer be available.

In other words, it means that someone can create a new Instagram account with your old Instagram username, but it won’t be similar as the Instagram account you used back then.

Deleting an Instagram account on Android

Android, as you may already know, is one of the most used operating systems for Instagram. However, you should know that you cannot permanently delete your Instagram account via mobile devices running with Android. You have to do it through the Instagram website. The very same restriction is applied to all of the other mobile operating systems. However, this restriction is for the sole purpose for the safety of Instagram users. However, if you don’t want to use your Instagram account on your Android device, you can easily log out. But, if you delete the application it doesn’t mean that your Instagram account will be deleted. To put it differently, you cannot delete an Instagram account on Android.

Deleting an Instagram account on iOS

The same terms applied to Android  apply to iOS as well.

So, if you’re thinking of deleting your Instagram account on iOS, this is not possible.

Your Instagram account won’t be deleted, even if you delete the application from the device. This option is not permitted in any version of the iOS operating system. This limitation applies to all mobile devices.


One thing you should know is that once you’ve deleted your Instagram account, all of the Instagram data you had will be gone, and they can never be retrieved. For example all of your content, comments, likes, direct messages as well as the following list will get lost. Once you delete your Instagram account, there is no turning back.

The option to permanently delete your Instagram account is available only via the web application. This option is not available to do it via mobile devices with Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operating systems. However, whenever you feel like taking a break from Instagram, choose one of the options either deactivating it temporarily or deleting it permanently.

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