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What's Instagram Views

Since the beginning of March 2016, you are able to see how often people have viewed a video on Instagram. Views are the most broadly expected type of feedback on video. Therefore you’llstart to see view counts below videos where before you’d usually see likes. Now you will need to tap “views” to see you likes count.

Instagram Views

Since video posts was introduced, it became an essential storytelling tool. No matter if sitting front row at Fashionstyle Week or enjoying a day at the beach, nothing brings moments to live  like video. Adding view counts is the first of plenty of different ways you’ll see video on Instagram improve this year.

Why should i buy Instagram Views?

The “views” count is a important indicator to see how your content is converting compared to youtube or vine. It helps you also catch attention to potential viewers or even customers. Think about it, you are a seller of any product and make a promotional video, now the more views and likes this video have the more attractive it gets for others. Instagram gave us another nice tool to use for marketing our business or just our privat profiles.